Just a few years ago, you could only enjoy your favourite bingo games while playing at your local bingo hall, and probably wasn’t as convenient as you would have thought. From travel cost to the crowded atmosphere of bingo halls, there are many things that may have been an obstacle to let you fully enjoy the traditional game of bingo. Then came online bingo that gave you the possibility to enjoy bingo from the comfort of your house, while you are cosily sitting in the warmth of your living room or bedroom. Online bingo sites certainly let you enjoy many variations of bingo whenever you want.

The latest innovation that has brought online bingo closer to you, is the introduction of mobile bingo sites that are fully responsive, such as LuckyPantsBingo.com. You may have heard of the term ‘responsive web design’, but do you know what it really means. The top bingo site, Lucky Pants Bingo is one of the first to be a responsive site. This means that is uses an approach where the web page resizes itself according to the type of device that you view it. It fits your screen resolution with great fluidity, thus providing you with better graphics quality. A responsive site like Lucky Pants Bingo can respond to your smartphone screen, tablet, laptop, or oversized computer monitor. This has been one of the hottest trend since a few years and is really convenient for those using devices with smaller screens, as they do not get any broken layout anymore.

With hundreds of different screen resolutions, it was imperative to have websites that can adapt to all of them. Lucky Pants Bingo was recently restyled with a new look that’s responsive while it went mobile. The core value of Lucky Pants Bingo is to remain as an up to date bingo site where new technologies are continuously implemented to provide you with an excellent user experience. This means that you can now play your favourite variation of bingo whenever and wherever you want on your preferred mobile device, be it while travelling on the train or while you are relaxing on the beach for your holidays.

No longer will you have to wait to reach home to play bingo or slot games, as with the easy access to the internet, you can access your Lucky Pants Bingo account nearly everywhere imaginable. The new responsive layout of the site makes it more user-friendly, thus you can pick whatever you want to access from the bingo lobby. This include the homepage, bingo, slots & games, promos, lucky club, community, and even help. While in the bingo rooms, you can enjoy great chat games to win prizes such as free spins and bingo tickets, points, and even off line prizes. At the same time you can also chat with the other players and make new bingo friends. You certainly have the optimal viewing experience at Lucky Pants Bingo irrespective of the viewing device that you are using.