The national tennis player Nicolas Jarry appeared Monday 118th of ATP ranking, the best position in his career with respect to this former Chilean sportsman Fernando Gonzalez was hopeful that the current number 1 of Chil and reach far beyond that to the top 100 of the world-wide classification.

I see great possibilities, it’s good located and trains well. The road is long and complicated, but he has all both tennis mentally is balanced and that helps a lot to have a career larg ay if you have the possibilities increase. Gonzalez, a former world number five, also said of Jarry “hopefully not only top 100, it has much more, this is just the beginning.” The average age of the first players in the world has increased considerably to that of our era. They are young players that have a lot of power and many things to keep improving, besides the desire he added on the layer of Chilean tennis players in which also appears Christian Garin.

Another one that was present in the seminar developed this Tuesday was the own Nicholas Jarry who assured on his cocaine on the top 100 to be super contented.” It does not change anything of the way to think to me and I work I will continue doing the same that came doing, quiet, training conscientiously and doing things right.

On the options to get into the top 100 of the ranking before the end of the year said that “it is nice and a goal of every tennis player to be within the top 100, there are 18 positions but in terms of points is enough, the most difficult is the latter way. I think it’s about one – fifth of the points I made during the year may be close to the eye, but still remains a lot of work and I hope to come many new things “.

As for meeting 118 today, he warned that it was “little expected, I always knew I could be with this ranking, but I had not thought much. At the beginning of the year, the goal was to be 150 to play qualy ATP and continue improving the level and the truth is that I won two Challengers I passed two ATP classifications. “