Virtual sports betting has already attracted thousands – some say even millions – of fans all round the globe. But whilst some of its advantages are easily seen and obvious, such as the ability to learn the outcome of matches in just 90 seconds (compared to 90 minutes in real sports betting), there are some other advantages to virtual sports betting that are not as obvious or easily seen. So what are these facts and advantages? Let’s find out.

It’s perfect for beginners

If you are a beginner, you are understandably careful about the bets you place. You need to understand the system first and be clear about how it works. So before you place real money bets, it would be better to play in ‘fun’ mode first. And you can easily do this in virtual sports betting. Virtual sports betting is also easier for beginners because you only consider the profiles of the teams which are given to you by the bookies, and these profiles are often not related to the real team profiles. This way, you can better anticipate matches and place your bets according to what you anticipate.

When you bet on virtual sports, you don’t need to have complete and up-to-date knowledge of real sports events – you only work with the odds which are offered without having to do additional research. When betting on real sports events, especially when it comes to football, you still have to think about the physical conditions of the players or the historical circumstances or background of the team before you can place an intelligent bet.

Knowledge is everything

Whilst in virtual sports, you need not concern yourself with the players’ physical issues or conditions or the team’s background or history, knowledge still goes a long way. And the only way you can obtain the right knowledge is by betting as much as you can. With regular playing and betting, you can get to know the various teams, monitor their progress through the season, and learn more about their different strategies, players, and, of course, their game results. But since there are more games in virtual sports, you don’t have too high a learning curve, either.

Virtual sports betting has better regulations than traditional real event sports betting

One surprising fact not known by many is that virtual sports betting has better regulations than traditional sports betting. It is actually highly-regulated, and there is less likelihood of scams or fixes which can have a big effect on matches or races. The player betting on virtual sports is safer compared to the player betting on traditional sports, since it has better regulations. Additionally, in virtual sports, you don’t have to think about ‘surprise’ occurrences such as weather disturbances, injuries, and ‘fixed’ games, which have a drastic effect on real sports events.