It’s not baseball, but it could have been a Major League Series. For the third time in 15 days, Junior and Millionaires saw each other’s faces, although this time there would be a team with a mortal wound, outside the Copa Colombia. They both put the best they had at their disposal. Even Julio chose to put on his captain, Sebastian Viera, despite the fact that in the previous games in this contest he put Jose Luis Chunga.

Neither team gave away anything, but little by little, Junior was assuming the protagonism of the party. Even so, in the first half the capital was well stopped in defense, throughout the first half. The second showed a different dynamic. Barranquillero’s team-mouthed Jarlan Barrera and the ‘pitufo’ changed the game. Their soccer began to generate damage and the albiazules were saved several times during the first 15 minutes.

After the flood, Junior’s energies faltered again. Yimmi Chara was missing and that gave confidence to Millonarios, who as the minutes passed he even encouraged to attack. Ayron Del Valle put it and froze the spectators at the Metropolitan stadium. However, the judge decided to cancel the both offside obvious.

The duel was aimed at a definition from the penalty point, with no goals in the first leg or the return. Nicolás Vikonis decided to advance the times and with an imprudent penalty he gave a penalty to Junior, five minutes from the end. Jarlan Barrera was the one who took the ball, above Chara. Gripping, like his game, the steering wheel stung before an impotent Vikonis, who chose the wrong stick. Goal and standings for Junior, now waiting for Nacional or Patriotas, a series that is defined next week.

Patriotas and Atletico Nacional played a game in the La Independencia de Tunja stadium. Agreed for 6 pm, the duel was postponed for almost two hours after the electric power went out. With just two minutes played, the spectators waited until the lighting returned and the players showed all their lights.

The first to hit was Patriotas. Carlos Mosquera made the mistake of sliding the ball over for a corner. The joy boyacense did not last so much, because at the touch tied Dayro Moreno the encounter. In the second half, the intensity was maintained from the beginning. Again, Patriotas was up on the scoreboard thanks to Mauricio Gomez, who took advantage of another flawed green defense on the night Tunja.

The paisa team had to paddle again against the current. Andres Renteria had a chance to equalize in the 65th minute. The night was not over yet. When the encounter died infiltrated between the defenses of National and right placed the so much that in the end was the definitive. The first round, in the cold of Tunja, was for Patriots.