The movement brought down anyone who does not know Cristiano Ronaldo in private, sold as the awful person in a movie called Reyes del football. In which Messi is forever the high-quality cop. Ronaldo proved he is the best player in the world.He has a doubtful, obscure, reprehensible role, what happens happen the Portuguese striker, with terrible depress in spite of his statistics of legend always betrayed the forms his gestures on the court, his extreme goal, his early days tics his infamous pride. Nor did it help him to wear the shirt of Madrid, which does not generate empathy precisely in half the world. The ‘Christian pack’, with all the above, the Champions, the European Championship with Portugal, the five gold balls and other prizes and records, has been unbearable for numerous people.

The play was the following. Penalty on Bale Christian, habitual pitcher, advances towards the ball. He takes it in his hands and gives it to Benzema. The Madrid captain, it was for the absences of Ramos and Marcelo, tells Karim to shoot the penalty. The French forward marks. Everyone happy assistance it can be considered like that. A gesture of extraordinary generosity makes two people happy. Ronaldo, stubborn in 2018, renounces the magnificence of a hat trick, his favorite vitamin, that of the goal, in a swap for sealing the settlement between the French person on strike and the Bernabeu. Was not Christian a disgusting egotist incapable of such events?

The Portuguese striker is not measured well because it really falls badly after a race in which he by no means required to create friends but goals. As Cristiano judged with his guts, not with his intelligence as he was always accused of being self-important. As he often offered a selfish profile, alike to that of the greatest athletes. As appearances always fated him, not the knowledge of the cause, the whole world surprised the sign on the day he scored his 300th goal in the League. He decided to postpone 301, which is not bad for being the devil himself.