Horse racing has a rich, deep history within many countries throughout the world. It originates back to around 4500 BC. In Central Asia, Nomadic tribesmen would race their chariots against one another to see who could log the quickest time between two set distances. Since those days, horse racing has flourished within every continent.

The True Beginning – Breeding

Modern racing (as we know it today) began in the 12th century. English knights returned from their Crusades with the swift, build-for-speed, Arab horses. During the next three centuries, a huge number of Arab stallions were imported into the country and breeded with English mares (that possessed great endurance) which gave the newborns mixed genes of both stamina and speed. Thoroughbred horse racing was born.

The Sport Of Kings

Known as the “sport of kings” ever since horse racing become popular amongst royalty and the aristocrat’s society in the early 1700’s. The rich and famous would not only place bets on the races, but many would go on to train, and sometimes ride thoroughbred horses in some of the most important races in the world. If you love to place bets on horse racing , try out Unibet horse racing bets .

World’s Most Important Races

Nowadays, horse racing is one of the biggest gambling sports on Earth. Horse races differ in format depending on which country you are in. Different countries have developed their own racing traditions. The variations include, Jump and flat racing, some are over particular distances, while some countries, especially in the Scandinavian areas, have harness racing which basically means the horse has to pull a cart during the race.

Famous Races

In the Uk there are many important races over various distances and both flat and jump racing.

UK Flat Racing Races:

1000 Guineas (a race for 3 year old fillies)

2000 Guineas (a race for 3 year old colts)

The Derby (a race over 1 mile 4 furlongs – considered the best race for both speed and stamina)

The Gold Cup (a race over 2 miles 4 furlongs and considered the best for stayers)

UK Jump Races

The Grand National (The race that stops a nation in the UK. Race over a long distance over different types of obstacles)

The Cheltenham Gold Cup (Considered the best race for jumping horses)

The Champion Hurdle (a race for the fastest hurdlers)

US Racing

Kentucky Derby (part of the triple crown, considered the biggest race in the US for the best horses)

Preakness Stakes (another race part of the US triple crown and again aimed towards the best horses in the country)

Belmont Stakes (the third leg of the triple crown and is aimed towards the fastest horses in the US)

Other Famous Races Across The World

Australia – The Melbourne Cup (The biggest race in Australia. Known to stop a nation and is for the best long distance horses in the world)

France – Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe (One of the biggest races in the world. Horses over the age of three can race, as long as they have qualified by winning other, class 1 races within Europe).

Japan – Champions Cup (One of the biggest races in Japan, aimed towards thoroughbreds and horses of three years or older) Dubai – Dubai World Cup (The horse race with the most prizemoney on offer and horses over the age of three can race, but they must of won or be placed in qualifying races)