Gone are the days when one would actually have to step out of his or her house to play a round of poker. All one has to do now is log on to his account at a popular online casino and start playing. The phenomenon of online casinos started years ago, when people realized that this could be an easy way to get hold of some quick money. In 2016, the popularity of online casinos seems to be increasing at a rapid rate. Every day, there are hundreds of new casinos cropping up all over the world. Each online casino seems to be engaged in a fierce battle with another; in fact, there appears to be more casinos than players! Consequently, each casino is now trying to put its best foot forward to attract more and more customers.

There was a time when the most important aspect of an online casino was the choice of games it offered. People would switch from one casino to another with a single click if it didn’t provide the games he liked. But now, visual appearance and presentation seems to play a key role in the popularity of an online casino. The flashier, the better- seems to be the current trend.

The question arises, what makes online casinos so popular? The answer would be, it is economic. The first picture that comes to our minds when we think of gamblers is that of billionaires with dazzling suits and suitcases full of cash. But keeping in mind the rapidly deteriorating economy, the reality is something quite different. Most players today are just ordinary men and women, tired of their mundane lives, and wishing to try their luck at gambling. These are people who do not want to spend extra on land based casinos, and would rather indulge in a bit of harmless gambling. They view it as a pastime – a “no harm, no foul” sort of policy. And online casinos do offer you the opportunity to play your heart out online! In fact in some cases, players do not have to shell out any cash at all! All they have to do is sign up with a free account!

Plus, online casinos are easily accessible. They are literally just a click away!  As a matter of fact, today if you do not own a laptop or a desktop, you can access the casinos from your smartphones. Almost everyone owns a phone with an internet connection in 2016! You can play online poker, blackjack, roulette or even slots from any corner of the world! Physical and geographical barriers have been reduced to nothing with the help of online casinos! Social networking sites have also triggered this phenomenon of online gambling. These sites post incessantly post promotional ads which encourage users to try out gambling online. It is estimated that within a few decades, online casinos will have completely taken over the world of gambling, leaving little scope for land based casinos.