After eight games without losing, Portugal fell defeated. From the semifinals of the Confederations, when they were eliminated in the penalty shootout by Chile, the ‘Seleçao das Quinas’ did not slip. They did not lose a match in 90 minutes since they dropped 2-3 to Sweden in March 2017. And they did against a Netherlands that overwhelmed Cristiano Ronaldo and company in a remarkable first half. In which they scored three goals (0-3) to the current European champion. Cristiano Ronaldo started and was 68 minutes on the pitch. He tried, but he could not pierce Cillessen’s goal.

The Barcelona goalkeeper was sublime. He took a powerful header with a measured hand, but the Real Madrid attacker was offside. He did not count. It was the first game of the season that was left without shooting on goal. After celebrating 20 goals in the previous 15 matches with Portugal, CR7 went empty. His streak ended in Geneva after nine consecutive matches with Real Madrid and his country. Fernando Santos rotated on the triumph (2-1) against Egypt and moved almost all his pieces. They just repeated Cristiano and Rolando. In addition, Portugal paid for it. The Netherlands, who came to be defeated (0-1) against England in the first match of Ronald Koeman as coach, liked in the first part. He submitted to the Portuguese team with the speed of Depay. The end of Lyon was at the center of all operations.

Three spontaneous ones jump to the field to become a selfi, to embrace and to kiss Cristiano! A play that started Memphis finished Depay after playing near the area Van Dijk, Tete and Van de Beek. It was the first blow. The second came after a cross from De Ligt who headed Babel to the back of the net. The tip of the Besiktas was alone in the small area. Lopes stopped Depay. But could not stop a volley of Van Dijk that slipped into the net before the break. It was the fifth time in history that a reigning European Championship champion went to halftime losing by three goals. Andre Silva, Guedes entered the second act.

Portugal stretched Cancelo was sent off for a stomp on Vilhena, replaced Cristiano and Portugal stayed to zero. Cillessen stopped Guedes with a pardon before he did it with Rui. At 18, Justin Kluivert premiered with the ‘Oranje’. He followed his father’s footsteps. From the Confederations, before Chile, Portugal did not remain unmarked.