A group of Portuguese researchers was dedicated to the development of an algorithm to predict penalties, which is under test during the Confederations Cup. With this, one can be predicted with a great accuracy what is the way of charging penalties of the shooters and the way in which the porters stop them. The project, which has no name, would become the definitive way to end the myth that penalties are a lottery. According to its coordinator researcher and analyst Alexandre Real, the tests have had very good results.

The tools seek to analyze how the main players charge the penalty kicks. Not only does it analyze general topics such as right-hand cashing or upward cashing. It measures details such as slope at the time of collection or a movement that indicates where the ball is pointing.

According to the researchers the algorithm for predicting penalties has determined statistical trends in the main players. We concluded that Cristiano Ronaldo is more effective than Messi throwing penalties although he has a weakness: throwing them to the center of the goal revealed real. Although 89% of penalties charged by the Real Madrid striker enter, only 60% of those charged to the center go into the arc.

The calculation indicates that you could earn between 3 and 12 points per season with the use of this system. In addition to important performances in the criminal series but the algorithm will only be offered to one team per league. The information we give is so precise that if we offer it to more than one club per country, it cancels the benefit of the service said real. In spite of this, apparently the algorithm is not being used by Portugal in the semifinal of last Wednesday, none of the three collectors managed to score against Chile while the three penalties executed by Chileans entered.