Independent Santa Fe, led by Uruguayan Gregorio Perez, will defend Colombian league leader Francisco Maturana’s Once Caldas on Sunday in which he has scored 12 points in four matches. Perez has capitalized on the base left by his colleague, Argentine Gustavo Costas, and with a touch of his own managed to adjust the team, which still does not know the defeat. For the results and the good form that the equipment shows, the fans announce massive presence in the El Camping stadium of Bogota.

Santa Fe defends the leadership in the league before the Once Caldas. Maturana has been criticized because since his return to the Colombian league he has only been able to savor the honeys of victory in one of four matches he has led. Two has tied and lost, leaving him with five integers, seven of Santa Fe.

The fifth round of the coffee championship also has its sights set on the duel between Junior and Atletico Nacional in Barranquilla, where the “greens” are expected to send to the field some of the players who came to the team led by the Spanish Juan Manuel Lillo. Of the five new hires will not yet debut the Gorki Elustondo and the Colombian Andres Renteria and Raul Loaiza. Both the junior and the National have nine points each and they know that losing them would lead them to move away from the head of the table. It is also the center of attention between Independent Medellin and Cotulla, in which the former wants to recover from the elimination of the South American Cup at the hands of the Argentine Racing Club, which defeated it yesterday 2-3. Medellin is ninth on the leaderboard with six points, while Cortulua is fifth with eight points. The Patriots will receive the Deportivo Pasto and Deportes Tolima will host the Millionaires.