As figures do not lie and explain why Real Madrid has lost Liga with nine days, with Barcelona released the title to 15 points of whites. Zidane’s team has conceded 33 goals in 29 games, almost one per game. The last three were made by the Girona in the Bernabéu head and set pieces, two of the outstanding subjects of Real Madrid in this league. No team had conceded three goals in the whole league this season or in the last three years, since Córdoba did against Barcelona (0-8).

The leader has in his goal to Zamora. Ter Stegen has only conceded 13 goals so far, one less than Oblak (14) with Atletico de Madrid. The difference in favor of the Catalans over the Whites is 20 fewer goals. Keylor has conceded 26 points and Kiko Casilla 7. Some figures that are far from good.The X-ray of the goals against Real Madrid is the following: 15 goals conceded with the right foot, 7 with the left, 10 with a header (seven more than Barcelona) and one in its own goal. Of the 33 goals received, 10 have arrived in set pieces. Keylor Navas (9) have fit all but one. In 29 days, Barcelona has only received a goal in that form and Atleti 4.

Goal by Stuani (4-2) at Real Madrid 6-3 Girona

The first classified of the League has managed to leave his goal in zero in 18 games, the same as Atletico de Madrid. In this section, six other teams have better figures than a Real Madrid that has only closed its goal in 8 duels. Five games with Keylor Navas and three with Kiko Casilla. As for the defenses, Nacho is the one who stands out best in the ranking. He has played six games in which his team has not conceded goals, by five of Marcelo and Varane. With four are Carvajal and three Ramos.

Vallejo, Achraf and Theo close the list with two games without conceding goals with them in the field. In the matches with goals against Real Madrid, the wingers are those who are worse off in the statistics. With Carvajal and Marcelo in the field, those of Zidane have received 25 goals. With Varane and Nacho were 22, and with Sergio Ramos 21. With Achraf and Theo were six, while with Vallejo only two.