If you plan to start playing the paddle or you already do, there are a number of basic things to keep in mind when it comes to playing your matches. Let us look at some tips that will help you improve your game and maybe your number of wins.

Many times, we find rivals that leave their skin on the warming and it seems that it will be impossible to beat them. Avoid doing the same, usually for the only thing that serves is to tire you over the account and put your opponent on notice. Use the heating precisely for what it is, to warm up, that is to be able to stretch all the muscles well and take confidence with all the strokes you normally do when playing the paddle volley, shot, tray, kick, backstroke.

To do this, play easy balls with the sole aim of passing the ball. In this way you will not only gain confidence for when seriousness begins, but also your rival will think you are a worse player and it will be easier to surprise him later with “low guard”.

During the game tries to play in crusade that is to say the rival that, you have in diagonal. This way you will increase your percentage of success, since the margin of error is greater. This does not mean that you play all the balls at the same but around 80% and occasionally a parallel ball looking to surprise the partner of your opponent it will be more difficult to wait for your ball now.

Many people who start playing the paddle and look for a shovel, even those who have been playing for some time. Do not give enough importance to how it behaves when it comes to volleying. In addition, this is a mistake, since it is the hit with which most points are defined. Try to choose a paddle paddle that allows you to play comfortably on the net and helps you when it’s time to volley.

This leads us to another tip and is to not be afraid to use the balloon in excess to win the net and finish the point with a good volley. This is, after all, the main objective of the paddle, so that whenever you have the ball easy and your opponents are in the net throws a balloon. If you apply these tips when playing the paddle or increase its use, you will see how it improves your percentage of success and points gained.